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Alison Star

They say chocolate is an aphrodisiac, and I pumping believe it after seeing midnight beauty, Alison Star, smother herself in it like a piggy in mud. But let’s rewind a bit. There are hot bods in porn, and then they are searing-hot ones that beg instant bookmarking. Alison has one of those rocking, NUCLEAR-HOT figures. With large melons, thin waist, darling features and legs so slender and tone that there’s actually space between her inner thighs – in short, she’s to die for and her method for getting off? Death by chocolate!

Zsofia, Albert Magos

Zsofia finds Albert Magos crawling around in a diaper, just looking for a boob that he can suck on. This adult baby curls up in Zsofia’s lap and gets rocked back and forth, spanked, and coddled. She slowly takes the diaper off and starts to give him an adult diaper fetish handjob, getting herself worked up for what’s to come. She puts on a strap on and starts to slowly slide it into his tight rump. He bends over and takes that fake manhood for all he’s worth, pushing his rump back onto it and making moans of pleasure.

Lola, James Jones

This grotesque little midget looks like a complete troll! She’s so ugly that it is initially difficult to tell whether she is a stud or a slut. She poses as a gypsy, trying to tell the fortune of this good-looking young man, but soon it comes out that she is willing to provide a little more for a few extra dollars! Soon the disgusting midget has her mouth filled with shaft, and then the young buck, who is so horny that he would bang anything, bends her over doggystyle on the sofa and drills her hairy, slutty cunt from the back. He spurts all over her face, improving her looks by covering her ugliness with his fat cream load.

JC Simpson, Bruce Venture

Ever hear a luscious bitch moan and groan while she’s eating a flavorsome, piping hot dish of her favorite food? After having a bite of her meat-lovers pizza, JC Simpson finds herself suddenly and uncontrollably turned on! So much, that she strips down to her skivvies, while still eating, and teases her pretty little coochie! She savors every bit of her mouth-watering pizza before Bruce shows up and sees that foreplay has already been taken care of. He whips out his own sausage. She turns her appetite on his cock and sucks him off hungrily. Still grabbing for seconds and thirds as she’s getting fucked missionary, JC combines both her cravings for food and sex in one steamy food bang! Wait til the end, when she finally gets her favorite toppings…

Alexandra Garbacz, Rick Bauer

Alexandra Garbacz has a secret – she’s into diaper fetish, adult babies, and all sorts of hardcore fetishes. Rick Bauer has always been interested in adult diaper fetish so he’s down for trying it out. He puts on a diaper and starts crawling into Alexandra’s lap. He starts yanking at her top so he can suck on her boobs, and her questing fingers start to enter his asshole. She goes further, putting on a strap on and slamming it home into that tight booty. She opens him up and keeps on pumping him until he cums in that diaper.

Suzanna, Kicsi

This little midget might be pint sized, but he’s got a full-sized tool! He is running around the classroom being a total pain in the backside, so his teacher bends him over her knee and starts to paddle his bare bottom. However, the dwarf gets a pleasant surprise when the teacher pulls down his pants and starts to suck his weiner! Soon the teacher is lying flat on her back, her legs spread as she has her bald fuckhole licked by the midget. Then he pulls out his giant, thick tool, which definitely looks out of proportion compared to his diminutive frame. The teacher moans as she has her flabby coochie filled up by that midget dong.

Kinga Farsang, Janos Nemeth

Kinga Farsang is certainly willing to try anything once – she’s whipping out the strap on and going to town on this adult diaper wearing Janos Nemeth. She loves pulling back and pounding deep into his rump, getting herself so worked up that she’s almost ready to ejaculate right when she starts. She gets her diaper wearing boyfriend into so many positions that he is almost overwhelmed with how intense it’s getting. He certainly ends up completely overwhelmed once she drives him to empty his ejaculate into his diaper.

Scotti, Kicsi

Now this is the type of action that you can’t believe you’re seeing when you’re watching porn – Scotti is a kinky babe that is in the mood to suck off a midget. This freaky bitch has to get all the way down to the ground to start sucking Kicsi’s midget tool. It only gets crazier when he crawls up on the couch to have a go at her cooter. Her leg is longer than his entire body, but he pounds away with his oversized weiner. This starlet is not likely to forget her midget sexual experience, and neither will you.

Zsofia, Laszlo Godo

Zsofia is one twisted, kinky bitch, and today she’s engaging in a bit of diaper play with Laszlo Godo. He’s wearing a diaper and getting his kicks out of sucking on her perky little tits. She is flicking him all over while he’s doing that, but in reality she’s getting ready for the adult diaper strap on bang of a life time. She pulls out that shaft and his eyes go super wide. She slowly slides her fake meat stick deep inside of his ass. She just pulls the diaper out of the way a little bit and then goes and pounds away at him.

Miss Lee, Maria, Alex Sao Paulo

Miss Lee is a naughty thing! She is supposed to be working but instead she starts fondling her own breasts and minge, before pulling a manhood shaped fake cock from her top desk drawer-she keeps it close for moments like these when she is desperate for some penis! This sexy ho sticks the toy into her firm little puss and pleasures herself while her co-worker watches. The other model gets so excited she joins in the fun, grabbing on her friend’s hooters before sticking a tube up that innocent cunt. Miss Lee licks the other starlet’s hairy vag, then the ladies are joined by a man with a small dong who gets them to suck it before he comes all over them.

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